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curved steel for doors & windows

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main services are design and install curved steel with high knowledge skill adviser. Our specialist One-Stop-Service is able to do all kind of steel, such as, curved steel for doors & windows, mosquito net, metal fence, stainless steel, extension roof, car park, extension building, polycarbonate, etc.

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Curved steel for doors & windows

Mosquito net

Roof, car park, extension building


Our installation process

1) Contact and make appointment to visit your property.

2) Provide size and amount of your prefer product such as doors and windows

3) Choose style, type and colour Design 1 and Design 2 The most favourite colour now for curved steel is white or black

4) Sign contract and pay deposit. Then our knowledgeable and skilful engineer will measure the exact size at your property. After installation, you can check our work quality. After your satisfaction, please pay the last payment.

5) Thank you for calling our services.



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Tel. 088-278-1881
Tel. 088-278-1881
Line ID 0882781881
Line ID 0882781881